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~ Training ~

Simply contact us to find out precisely what training we can offer for you and your dog!


Guesthaus German Shepherds specializes in the German dog sport of Schutzhund ("Protection Dog") and German-style sheep tending or Herdengebrauchshund ("Herding Dog").

However, we are also able to offer the following training on an individual basis:

  • Basic obedience.
  • Tracking (AKC or Schutzhund).
  • House-training, manners, and problem-solving.

Please contact us for rates and to find out how we might be able to help!


Schutzhund (SchH)

The purpose of Schutzhund training is to teach the dog focus and control through obedience while simultaneously assessing and molding the dog's natural abilities to track and protect. It is considered to be a test for breeding in that during the training the degree to which the dog possesses these working abilities becomes apparent.

There are three levels of Schutzhund trial and title: SchH I or basic; SchH II or intermediate; and SchH III or advanced. All of which must be preceeded by the acheivement of the BH, or German companion dog title which is primarily a temperament test.

To be capable of Schutzhund training, it is essential that the dog have a sound temperament. It cannot be shy, sharp, vicious, or have poor nerves.


Herdengebrauchshund (HGH)

Also referred to as "tending," this style of sheepherding developed to allow the dogs to served as a living fence to keep large flocks of sheep (300-1000 sheep) in a given graze and out of the neighboring fields. Like Schutzhund, it is considered to be a test for breeding in that during the training the degree to which the dog possesses these abilities, the proper nerves and resilience for the work, becomes apparent.

The dogs are also used to move the sheep in an orderly fashion between grazes, into and out of pens, up and down roads, over bridges, and safely around or through any other obstacles a shepherd might meet in his day-to-day activities.

Currently, Guesthaus does not offer training in this area, but to find out more, view the Sheep Herding articles at the White Clover Sheep Farm website.



Last updated 20 February 2011

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